Cricketing Legends Unveiled: A Saga of Mastery, Magic, and Marvels on the Field

Cricketing Legends Unveiled: A Saga of Mastery, Magic, and Marvels on the Field

Cricketing Legends Unveiled: A Saga of Mastery, Magic, and Marvels on the Field

Top 10 Men ODI Bowlers In The World According To The International Cricket Council

1. Trent Boult: The Swing Maestro

Trent Boult

Meet Trent Boult, the cricketing virtuoso from New Zealand, born on a fateful summer’s day, July 22, 1989. Standing proudly at the zenith of the ICC World Men Bowler list, he’s the reigning monarch of the swing, ruling with a ball that moves like a charmed snake.

When the Kiwi ensemble takes the field, all eyes turn to Boult, their ultimate bowling beacon. His ODI debut against West Indies in 2012 was like a comet’s streak across the sky, taking 2 wickets for 45 runs and leaving an economy of 5.29 in its wake.

Remember the 2015 ICC World Cup? Boult took the stage like a Shakespearean hero, sharing the title of highest wicket-taker with a staggering 22 scalps. His pièce de résistance was a symphony of destruction against Australia, orchestrating a dazzling 5/28 performance. Though the Cup eluded his grasp, Boult’s legend only grew.

A true sorcerer of the seam, Boult’s mastery extends beyond the ODI realm. He can swing the ball both ways with a wizard’s finesse and adapts effortlessly to all cricketing formats, leaving batsmen spellbound.

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Fun Facts:

– Nickname: TNT, Thunderbolt, and Lightning Bolt
– Height: 5 feet 9 inches
– Bowling Style: Left-arm medium-fast
– Spouse: Gert Smith (A union as harmonious as his swing)
– ODI Debut: July 11, 2012, against West Indies
– ODI Bowling Stats: 99 matches, 187 wickets, Economy that’s as sleek as his swing

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2. Jasprit Bumrah: The Wicket-Wizard of India

Jasprit Bumrah

In the cricketing tapestry, one thread shines brilliantly – Jasprit Bumrah, the 27-year-old Indian fast-bowling maestro. With a deft flick of his right arm, he conjures deliveries that leave even the best batsmen pondering their existence.

Ranked 10th on the ICC Men’s ODI Bowling Rankings, Bumrah is India’s ace during the death overs. His cricketing saga started h a dazzling debut against Australia, a mere glimpse of the brilliance that lay ahead. Two wickets, ten overs, an economy of 4.00 – he was poetry in motion.

But there’s a twist – in his debut match, he donned the role of a cricketing chameleon, replacing Mohammad Shami. A true chutzpah moment.

The Bumrah saga continues, his performances are a symphony of consistency. In the captain’s hands, he’s a magic wand. In the final overs, he’s a wizard, unfazed by the pressure, reminiscent of the great MS Dhoni.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Jassi, JB
– Height: 5 feet 8 inches
– Bowling Style: Right-arm fast
– Spouse: Sanjana Ganesan (A partnership that’s more than just a googly)
– ODI Debut: January 23, 2016, against Australia
– ODI Bowling Stats: 72 matches, 121 wickets, Including a spellbinding 6/19

3. Josh Hazlewood: The McGrath Heir

Josh Hazlewood

Picture a modern-day cricketing saga, and you’ll see Josh Hazlewood, the 30-year-old Australian wizard of the ball. Ranked 2nd on the ICC’s ODI Bowling Rankings, he’s often hailed as the Glenn McGrath of our era, weaving his spells with the elegance of a master craftsman.

In his debut against England in 2010, Hazlewood graced the field, his bowling a sonnet of economy. His line and length were his lyrical notes, singing a song of elegance with an economy of under 6.0.

Shouldering the legacy of Starc’s injury, Hazlewood embraced the challenge like a true warrior, his accuracy becoming a fortress against batsmen. His partnership with Starc was a dance of contrasts, line, and pace waltzing harmoniously.

But Hazlewood doesn’t rest on laurels. He’s the alchemist of variations, adding magic to his repertoire. A true embodiment of the modern-day bowler, he’s a testament to the enduring beauty of cricket.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Hoff, Bendemeer Bullet
– Height: 6 feet 4 inches
– Bowling Style: Right-arm fast-medium
– Girlfriend: Catherine Murphy Christian (A partnership as seamless as his line)
– ODI Debut: June 22, 2010, against England
– ODI Bowling Stats: 67 matches, 105 wickets, Including a spellbinding 6/52

4. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Zadran: The Afghan Whirlwind

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Zadran

Hold onto your cricket hats, for here comes Mujeeb Ur Rahman Zadran, the 20-year-old whirlwind from Afghanistan. Born on a breezy March 28, 2001, his debut against Ireland in December 2017 was a cricketing crescendo, 10 overs, 2 maidens, 4 wickets – a spell as enchanting as the stars.

Mujeeb isn’t the tale of a rags-to-riches cricketing saga; he grew up amidst luxury, with a mansion in Khost as his playground. A cricket aficionado since the 2012 World T20, he honed his spin craft within his private sanctuary, bowling off-breaks, and carom balls.

With strength and finesse, he turned a tennis ball into a magic wand, sending it further with a flick. A prodigy emerged, untypical, unrivaled. His journey is a story of talent meeting privilege, an ode to the unconventional.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Mujeeb Zadran
– Height: 5 feet 11 inches
– Bowling Style: Right-arm off break
– Spouse: Unmarried (Cricket is his sole devotion)
– ODI Debut: December 5, 2017, against Ireland
– ODI Bowling Stats: 52 matches, 79 wickets, Including a mesmerizing 5/50

5. Shaheen Afridi: The Artistic Archer

Shaheen Afridi

In the cricketing realm, there’s Shaheen Afridi, a left-arm fast seam bowler with an artistic flair. Born under the Pakistan sky on April 6, 2000, he’s a beacon of potential, a phoenix rising from the cricketing ashes.

Standing tall at 6 feet 6 inches, Shaheen’s every stride echoes with promise. A debut in the third T20I against West Indies marked a turning point, and he proudly wears the badge of being the maiden Pakistani cricketer born after the year 2000.

His cricketing journey reads like an epic, captaining the U-19 World Cup squad at the tender age of 16. The ICC Under-19 World Cup saw his crescendo, a testament to his mettle.

With a strike of lightning and a left-arm flurry, Shaheen’s pace is artistry in

motion. His deliveries are brushstrokes on the canvas of cricket, leaving batsmen awe-inspired and spectators in raptures.

Born in Khyber Agency, he emerged from obscurity like a shooting star, his tall, lanky frame a canvas for raw potential. His rise through the ranks was a testament to his speed, strength, and determination. He etched his name in the annals of cricketing history, becoming Pakistan’s 35th player under the age of 19 to debut in Test cricket.

Shaheen’s journey through the 2019 World Cup was a dance of finesse and fire. Despite the team’s challenges, he held his own, a warrior on a quest for excellence. His record-setting bowling in his first-class debut was the crescendo of a symphony in the making, a fitting overture for a maestro in the making.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Shaheen Afridi, The Artistic Archer
– Height: 6 feet 6 inches (A towering presence on the field)
– Bowling Style: Left-Arm Fast Seam (A symphony of speed and accuracy)
– Spouse: Engaged to Ansha Afridi (A partnership as promising as his career)
– ODI Debut: September 21, 2018
– ODI Bowling Stats: 32 matches, 62 wickets, Including a mesmerizing 6/35

6. Matt Henry: The Kiwi Marvel

Matt Henry

In the realm of cricket, there’s Matt Henry, the New Zealand marvel ranked 7th on the ICC Men’s Bowler in ODI. A stalwart of the bowling arena, he’s the 29-year-old sentinel guarding New Zealand’s cricketing fortress.

His debut against India in 2014 was no ordinary entrance; it was a symphony of destruction. Four wickets fell to his mastery, and a maiden over was his poetic prelude. Henry was more than just a bowler; he was a sorcerer weaving spells.

But his path wasn’t without challenges. Injuries attempted to derail his cricketing odyssey, but Henry’s resilience was unbreakable. An acute back surgery in 2012 became his phoenix moment, a journey from the ashes to the pinnacle of cricketing glory.

In the cricketing tapestry, Henry is a unique thread, weaving seam movement and pace with artistry that leaves batsmen bewildered. He’s the epitome of a modern-day marvel, a Kiwi hero guarding the kingdom with every delivery.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Matty, Hennaz
– Height: 6 feet 2 inches (A towering figure on the pitch)
– Bowling Style: Right-arm fast-medium (A symphony of pace and precision)
– Spouse: Holly Carran (A partnership that complements his cricketing finesse)
– ODI Debut: January 31, 2014, against India
– ODI Bowling Stats: 62 matches, 115 wickets, Including a spellbinding 5/30

7. Mohammad Nabi: The Globetrotting All-Rounder

Mohammad Nabi

From St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots to Melbourne Renegades, Mohammad Nabi’s cricketing journey is a global tour de force. This all-rounder extraordinaire from Afghanistan is a cricketing ambassador, connecting the dots of cricketing nations with his versatility.

Born in a land of uncertainty, Nabi’s story defies the odds. At age 10, he wielded the bat, an early testament to his cricketing destiny. His journey began in the streets, playing tennis ball cricket, a prelude to his cricketing exploits.

As he entered the cricketing arena, he blazed a trail, capturing attention with a century against the MCC side. From the streets to the international stage, Nabi’s rise was meteoric. A cornerstone of Afghanistan’s cricketing ascendancy, he led his team to the 2015 World Cup, a testament to his leadership and skill.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: The President/Mr. President (Leading the cricketing nation with prowess)
– Height: 6 feet (A towering presence on and off the field)
– Bowling Style: Right-arm off-break (A master of cricketing variations)
– Spouse: Rabia Khan (A partnership as strong as his cricketing legacy)
– ODI Debut: April 19, 2009
– ODI Bowling Stats: 133 matches, 142 wickets, A cricketing saga of skill and leadersh

8  Mehedi Hasan : The Bangladeshi Dynamo

Mehedi Hasan

The cricketing stage is graced by a Bangladeshi dynamo, Mehedi Hasan. Ranked 6th on the list, this 23-year-old whirlwind defies expectations and crafts his legacy with every delivery.

In the world of cricket, age is no barrier, and Hasan embodies this truth. Before turning 19, he boasted a test fifer, a testament to his prodigious talent. His cricketing journey started as a captain, leading Bangladesh in the ICC Under-19 World Cup at a mere 16 years of age.

Debuting against Sri Lanka, his bowling was a symphony of precision, weaving deliveries with an economy of 4.3. But it was his dismissal of Dinesh Chandimal that showcased his mastery, a moment that sent tremors through Sri Lanka’s batting line-up.

Hasan’s story isn’t just about bowling; it’s about potential, about the promise of becoming one of cricket’s finest all-rounders. With a strike rate of over 75, his batting prowess is a weapon yet to be fully unleashed.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Miraz (A name that resonates with a cricketing promise)
– Height: 5 feet 7 inches (A dynamo in a compact frame)
– Bowling Style: Right-arm off-break (Crafting deliveries with precision)
– Spouse: Rabeya Akter Priti (A partner in cricketing ambition)
– ODI Debut: March 25, 2017, against Sri Lanka
– ODI Bowling Stats: 64 matches, 75 wickets, An ongoing cricketing saga

9. Rashid Khan: The Afghan Magician

Rashid Khan

In the cricketing realm, a magician graces the stage – Rashid Khan, the cricket sensation born on September 20, 1998, in Afghanistan. His cricketing tale is a tapestry woven with googlies, leg breaks, and artistry that leaves batsmen spellbound.

When Afghanistan faced Zimbabwe in October 2015, Rashid debuted, a whirlwind of talent. His bowling was a revelation, linear and from stump to stump, his fingers orchestrating deliveries that danced like leaves in the wind. His googly was his pièce de résistance, a weapon that befuddled even the finest batsmen.

But Rashid’s magic extended beyond the cricketing world; his eight-wicket triumph against Ireland in the ICC Intercontinental Cup was a glimpse into his prowess as a first-class bowler. Sunrisers Hyderabad recognized his wizardry, acquiring him for INR 4 crore, a testament to his cricketing sorcery.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Afghanistan’s Afridi (A cricketing parallel to greatness)
– Height: 5 feet 9 inches (A magician of stature)
– Bowling Style: Right-arm leg-break (A maestro of spin)
– Spouse: Unmarried (

A magician’s heart belongs to the game)
– ODI Debut: October 18, 2015
– ODI Bowling Stats: 83 matches, 158 wickets, A cricketing tale of sorcery

10. Mustafizur Rahman: The Fizz Phenomenon

Mustafizur Rahman

In the realm of cricket, a phenomenon emerged from Bangladesh – Mustafizur Rahman, the left-arm fast bowler with a flair for the extraordinary. With the moniker “The Fizz,” he’s a cricketing marvel, enchanting fans with his cutters and slower deliveries.

In 2015, Mustafizur etched his name in cricketing history, becoming the second bowler ever to take five wickets in his debut series. His left-arm magic was a symphony of variation, leaving batsmen perplexed and cricketing connoisseurs in awe.

As the cutters flew and the slower balls danced, Mustafizur became Bangladesh’s beacon of hope. His journey through the 2016 Asia Cup was a symphony of success, a crescendo that saw Bangladesh reach the final.

But Mustafizur’s tale isn’t confined to Bangladesh’s borders; he’s a globetrotting cricketing nomad. From the Caribbean Premier League to the Indian Premier League, he’s a cricketing wanderer, a Fizz phenomenon that knows no bounds.

Fun Facts:

– Nickname: Fizz (A name that fizzes with cricketing magic)
– Height: 5 feet 11 inches (A towering presence on the cricketing stage)
– Bowling Style: Left-arm fast-medium (A symphony of pace and flair)
– Spouse: Samiya Pravin (A partnership as extraordinary as his bowling)
– ODI Debut: October 18, 2015
– ODI Bowling Stats: 86 matches, 142 wickets, A cricketing tale that’s a phenomenon


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